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The peer review article is a research on the essence of integrating a lifespan perspective in treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among the ageing population to safeguard optimal ageing. Successful ageing ensures that one functions with behavioural flexibility when subjected to a supportive environment in the latter stages of life. The process guarantees the development of new relationships, maintenance of social support, adaptation to change, and learning techniques essential in reducing stress among the ageing population.


The subjects of the study are Vietnam War veterans, a sample size with people likely to encounter PTSD. The research establishes the impact of traumatic memories on the ability of the ageing in consolidating their life story coherently to safeguard successful ageing. Furthermore, it determines if imposing life-review interventions on PSTD counselling reduces trauma, boosts morale, shifts their reminiscing style, and guarantees a contented life among the ageing. With this, psychotherapists can determine the feasibility of incorporating gerontolo-logically informed interventions through the addition of structured life review to the old in PTSD therapy (Daniels, Boehnlein, & McCallion, 2015).


A positive concept coupled with ability in evaluating performance considering physical and mental capacity bolsters successful ageing. Unresolved grief, increased anxiety, and decreased self-esteem are some of the barriers against optimal ageing. As  state, a positive resolution of the final psychological crisis of the elderly restores the integrity of their ego; it makes reminiscing a natural part of life, thus safeguarding optimal ageing. An old adult with reminiscence premised on sadness, anger, or bitterness has a high likelihood of ageing unsuccessfully. In contrast, those who frequently remember about happy moments in their life have a high probability of ageing successfully.


Distorted cognition, avoidance, and hyper-arousal are some of the cyclical components of unresolved PTSD; these, coupled with normal age reminiscing, can yield unsuccessful ageing. War veterans suffer for long periods before seeking treatment; the cycle of the disorder entrenches in their behavioural and emotional patterns, and this inhibits natural reminiscing.




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